Really Looking

On the surface, you see a messy front yard. If you are Emily, you see beloved twin trees. The source of many imaginary stories, and a comforting remembrance of rustling leaves. If you are Edward you might say 'I can't believe my car is that old and still going.' Christina might say 'That's little Red's slide! Is it that old?' Yes, to all, but to me, it is a vision from the past, there I am looking out my front window. Yes, the area before Sean, was messy. The trees are still there and the car and slide are still being useful. For, me it is home, a place of love. I see children playing baseball just in front. I hear laughter and Sean and Sarah swinging on the swing until the chain had to be replaced. I see thirty years of life lived in a peaceful nook. Not that we were peaceful just the nook. I sometimes wonder if we should have stayed in the country, then I remember and I know it couldn't have been anywhere else.


I think your right. I'm glad I can come and visit there and remember and continue to create wonderful and peaceful memories for me and my children
Anonymous said…
That is how I feel. I know some say we should have moved long ago... But I know that I needed that places to grow up in. I still strugle with wanting the same thing for my children and feeling like maybe I couldn't handle it... I mean a quater of an acre is proving quiet the project... but my memories of childhood will always be sacred... my sacred grove and my protective wall of trees... thank you for giving me the chance to grow up in the place where my quiet soul could take flight.
I remember playing base ball and swinging!