As I was sitting here trying to relax and help my mind unwind, preparing to go to sleep, I was contemplating where I was in life right now. I was thinking of course, of my loss and the scope of my future life sped across my mind. I have only taken the first step in the rest of my life. Some times I feel like it has been forever since I last held my hero, then I remember it was only 6 months ago. My sweet daughter was saying she still dreams her dad is alive and participating in her life. I don't dream dreams. I remember occasions, events, and actions. My path is to be, I think, a long one. I must keep focused so it doesn't seem so insurmountable. The memories are wonderful, but what is a head is even more desirable. I reach to the future and my final goal to feel the arms of my Savior around me and then to be with my hero forever.

Path Leading Up to a Garden Cottage in the Woods - Royalty Free Clipart Picture