What Fun to Learn New Things

My daughter blogged on the Memorial Day about her forefathers that served in the military. WWII in particular, but she has ancestors all the way back to the Revolutionary war that fought and some gave their lives for our freedoms we enjoy today.

I pondered this information she gave and began wandering around in the family history world. In my journey I found, some from a new blog friend 'gurl speak', and others that there is a whole new world out there in blog land of common interest people. Then I found a genealogy blog group. What a diverse group with common interest. I, as a result, have started a genealogy blog of my own. Now I am "trying to learn new things in the way of posting and presenting things.
Here is my new blog address. http://branchingoutthroughtheyears.blogspot.com/

Hope you drop by. ; )


texasblu said…
You need to share more stories, or just remind me. I need to write all these down. :P
Wow MOM! I just read your "Have Mercy Day" post. Glad things turned more positive :)
I can't wait to jump into the family history stuff with you later this month. Hugz!