I Am Sleepy, Maybe Not

I am trying to relax and go to sleep. This time it is not my fault. I had lain down at 6:45pm, and had fallen into a sound asleep. Then at 8:45pm my phone rang, 'Awake'.! It was not until the second phone call from another daughter came at 10:30pm that I found out I had actually slept through her call at 7pm.
Well, now I am sitting here quite pretty, as you can see, wondering how to stop.


skinny minny said…
seems you needed some sleep. hope you got more sleep last night.
Love ya!
Marian & Edward said…
Back away from the computer. . . . and turn OFF the phone!
I had fun yesterday! Can't wait till Wednesday. Hope your well rested by then ;)Maybe if we get you a little more organized it will be easier for you to relax. I know I have a hard time resting if I have too much regular work to do. I know it will keep me away from work that is more important and I want to get it out of the way. Hugz