Assurances That Family Ties Are Forever

n May 18, 1977, my Hero and I traveled in a Orange VW Bus that we had converted to a camper to Mesa Arizona to be sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was here that he had his first experience of having his hair chewed...LOL...I tried trimming his hair with the wind blowing. The barber the next day laughingly said who chewed your hair off....It was a story he loved telling...mess. My oldest daughter was wearing a dress I made her. We did not make it back until 1997 that we returned. That time it was with the son I carried in my womb in 1977 and our other children born after 1977 as well as the oldest daughter and her two children at the time. What a glorious time that was. We camped, we visited an aunt and her husband who died of cancer also, and we soaked up the joy of returning to the beginning of our journey as an eternal family. The knowledge of knowing that we will be a family though out time has been as angels under my wings to hold me up in my time of loss. I miss him so, but I know we will all be together again. I find joy in the fact it meant so much to him that we have this ordinance done for our family. It is like sunshine breaking through the clouds. As my second daughter said one rainy day...LOOK! It is God's light....and so it is.