This was the Hero's Birthday

My sunshine daughter and I celebrated his birthday the way he most liked to do if possible.
I worked at the temple and then she and I met at one of his best friends barbecue restaurant and had barbecue. The food was good and the memories were special. We remembered going to lunch with him one time when things were hectic at the office. He paid for us; we got back to the office and he goes..."wait a was my birthday, you should have bought my lunch." We had a laugh and treated him special the rest of the day....
It helped to have her with me at lunch.

I have made a post on the to commemorate his birthday.

Last night I went to visit with my sweet adopted daughter. She gave me the most Divine back rub that helped me relax and we shared memories and tears together. It is a healing time, but there are still some feelings of loss. She helped me relieve some of the pent up tension and emotions.

I love him so, and am so grateful that we will be together again.

Hugz everyone, you are my angel helpers.


texasblu said…
It was a hard day for me too. :(
skinny minny said…
I enjoyed last night too.