Have Mercy What a Day!

Sitting in the rocking chair looking out across the backyard, allows for some peacefulness.

If I had not been at work today, I might have done that. Richard was full of his lecture on "curses". He has come up with a book to publish. He decided to have a "recession sale". Fixing challenges in the software was challenging in itself.
Got a call from UTMB, they were just now getting around to working on paper work for Ned. I told them "why should I send you current tax forms when he is deceased and no longer in need of your services which you denied him anyway". That was not pleasant.
Sarah was upset today. That was difficult to deal with at work and keep on task. She called back later and said it was just a misunderstanding. I was glad of that.
The Family Search Support Services lost my recommend papers, so I am having to chase down the Stake President to get them resubmitted in 3 days. Has not happened yet, no phone calls or emails returned.
I thought I had left my computer cord at home, so I came home early. Sean was upset because he had not been able to reach me (my phone had been left at work). His whole body was broken out in something akin to hives or a humongous rash. Going back over the last two days, the only thing new seemed to be a soap/cleanser he had used at work. The way the rash moved through his body reminded me of Hydrofluoric acid like Susie got into as an infant. I started him on TUMS and milk. But since he had not ingested it, only breathed some fumes, or maybe leaned up against it through his shirt, I am not sure if this would help. And then this is based on supposition as he is clueless as to what chemical the was being used on the job site. Off course he would not consider a blessing.
I have had a monthly issue now for two months, if it does not rectify itself soon I will be forced to go to the doctor. Ask me if that is what I would want to do.
Now that I have vented and not said a positive thing, I think I will leave this as my have mercy day post. In the words of Scarlet, "I'll think about it tomorrow."
Good night.