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Sharing a Slice of Life: Commercials

When I was a small girl we did not own a television.  I was about 10 when we purchased an older television that looked something like this.
I actually listened more to radio and followed "The Lone Ranger" and other similar shows.  However, it was on this television that I was introduced to "The Mickey Mouse Musketeers" and  "Howdy Doody Time" .  Although the commercial of the Campbell's Kids singing "M-m-good, m-m-good, that's what Campbell's soup is - m-m-good." began many years before I was born, the jingle was a standard commercial for soup in the 50's as I was growing up.  Below is a short commercial jingle.

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories: Cooking (Week 3)

Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog prompts us to blog weekly of memories.  I decided to combine something new with something old.
My grandmother was an awesome cook.  Her rolls were to die for, unfortunately when we lost her we lost the recipe too.  She didn't write it down.  Have you been guilty of having a special food that everyone in the family asks for and you don't write it down.  (The old I will later syndrome).  She didn't write down her yummy Boiled Spice Cake recipe either, but that one I had helped her make and was able to recreate.
She passed down to my mother a love of cooking.  When my mom cooked it was always 'gourmet'.  Something new, or ethnic. I was sad when she quit cooking other than frozen foods.
I got my love of cooking from both of them.  In keeping with that I made a memory for Jean tonight.  I fixed a Mediterranean meal for my Jean, my sister-in-law tonight to entice her to eat and try something new.  I have the recipes here and the end re…

Sharing a Slice of Life: Pets

I have had many pets over the years.  I loved them all, but the one in my childhood years takes the center stage this time. 
When I was 8 years old, my dad was given a small half Pekingese puppy.  No one knew what the other half was, and further more did not care.  We named her Princess.  I must tell you she was not an ordinary puppy.  My aunt in Pawnee found her.  Knowing my father and his amputation, she figured our home would be perfect for Princess.  Princess had been running with the rest of the puppies and tried running through a hog wire fence.  She was small but not small enough. The fence caught her just right to break her leg at the shoulder in a manner that caused the leg to be amputated.
We knew about amputations and that they needn't hamper one's progress. She responded to our love and play and soon was off and running.  Literally.  She could keep up with me on my bike.  She loved to cuddle. Her personality was as human like as a dog can get.  I loved finding her …

Do You Ever Ponder?

Have you ever reflected on "How well did I spend my life hours this day?"
We only have 24 hours in a day, but there are times when I have leaned back on the pillow and reflected "Did I accomplish anything today? "  Driven by this thought my first inclination was to become more organized.  I bought all the appropriate tools, calendar, planner, filing implements, etc.  I accomplished planning my life down to the hour.  Then, along would come a child, a friend, an organization with a need and out the window would go all my lengthy planning.  My day would turn into a whole new place.
I could say "No, I don't have time" and move on, but it is not in my nature to do so.
That set me on a new idea.  I needed to understand my nature and how to make it productive.  I tend to spend lengthy amounts of time on the computer (were it in earlier years, the children would tell you it was on the phone).  My time is focused on helping or finding a way to uplift others, or …