Do You Ever Ponder?

Have you ever reflected on "How well did I spend my life hours this day?"
We only have 24 hours in a day, but there are times when I have leaned back on the pillow and reflected "Did I accomplish anything today? "  Driven by this thought my first inclination was to become more organized.  I bought all the appropriate tools, calendar, planner, filing implements, etc.  I accomplished planning my life down to the hour.  Then, along would come a child, a friend, an organization with a need and out the window would go all my lengthy planning.  My day would turn into a whole new place.
I could say "No, I don't have time" and move on, but it is not in my nature to do so.
That set me on a new idea.  I needed to understand my nature and how to make it productive.  I tend to spend lengthy amounts of time on the computer (were it in earlier years, the children would tell you it was on the phone).  My time is focused on helping or finding a way to uplift others, or find answers to help other's needs.  
My dilemma was how to incorporate my nature into a more productive life style. You notice I said more productive, not unequivocal productivity. 
The plan was to do the dishes as soon as I finished a meal, if I had laundry to put it in the washer, and and pick up one thing in that room an put it in its proper place as I moved into another room.  Then I would work some on the computer.  The process would be repeated all day as long as I was at home, with emphasis on helping someone during the day.  
An example is this evening.  I was writing my blog, answering emails in between taking care of my sister in law and washing laundry, fixing supper, and cleaning dishes.
I now lie back on my pillow and can say I accomplished amount of____ with my life hours during the day.  It is all good.


chitra said…
Organising, scheduling planning gives a great sense of satisfaction. I also love to do all this. I love your helping naturre.
bettyl said…
I love being organized, but alas, live in a family that doesn't. I have learned to adapt and find a happy medium.

Sometimes, we are so focused on being able to see any accomplishments, but many times they come in forms we can't see. Oftentimes, we don't realize how much a simple word or act will truly accomplish.
Arti said…
Time is definitely money... and the best one organises the time, the better for him!!
Ah what a wise post! I found myself nodding as I read it. I used to run around like a 'headless chicken' multitasking to get the most out of each day. Now I do less 'stuff' that I feel is less productive and more that is productive and I appreciate and enjoy it more as a consequence.
Just signed up to be your latest follower and am off to browse around your super blog (if you don't mind)
Please drop by and maybe follow if you would like. I'd be delighted to welcome you
Carol from
Clipped Wings said…
I am an organized freak at work, but a lot more relaxed at home as I get older. I need space for when the unexpected enters, and I get unexpected a lot. Makes for a much more interesting life at time; at other times it puts me to the test of survival and staying positive. Very nice blog.
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
I should ponder more often.. Have a happy Monday xx