52 Weeks of Sharing Memories: Cooking (Week 3)

Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog prompts us to blog weekly of memories.  I decided to combine something new with something old.
My grandmother was an awesome cook.  Her rolls were to die for, unfortunately when we lost her we lost the recipe too.  She didn't write it down.  Have you been guilty of having a special food that everyone in the family asks for and you don't write it down.  (The old I will later syndrome).  She didn't write down her yummy Boiled Spice Cake recipe either, but that one I had helped her make and was able to recreate.
She passed down to my mother a love of cooking.  When my mom cooked it was always 'gourmet'.  Something new, or ethnic. I was sad when she quit cooking other than frozen foods.
I got my love of cooking from both of them.  In keeping with that I made a memory for Jean tonight.  I fixed a Mediterranean meal for my Jean, my sister-in-law tonight to entice her to eat and try something new.  I have the recipes here and the end result, I did not have time to capture each step. She loved it.
The menu was Humus, Focaccia Bread, Lettuce Salad, slices of Avocado.  My one regret was I forgot to make the Tabouli Salad the day before and so we had a Lettuce Salad. 
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Captured Jean's eye and she enjoyed.


chitra said…
I have heard of Hummus but haven't prepared yet. I think I can look for some interesting recipes here. But only thing is, all those ingredients will not be available here:(