Sharing a Slice of Life: Pets

I have had many pets over the years.  I loved them all, but the one in my childhood years takes the center stage this time. 
This little puppy looks much like she did.
When I was 8 years old, my dad was given a small half Pekingese puppy.  No one knew what the other half was, and further more did not care.  We named her Princess.  I must tell you she was not an ordinary puppy.  My aunt in Pawnee found her.  Knowing my father and his amputation, she figured our home would be perfect for Princess.  Princess had been running with the rest of the puppies and tried running through a hog wire fence.  She was small but not small enough. The fence caught her just right to break her leg at the shoulder in a manner that caused the leg to be amputated.
We knew about amputations and that they needn't hamper one's progress. She responded to our love and play and soon was off and running.  Literally.  She could keep up with me on my bike.  She loved to cuddle. Her personality was as human like as a dog can get.  I loved finding her waiting for me when I got home from school, and for years she was my best friend. I shared all my challenges and heart aches with her.She would listen intently looking at me with her soulful big brown eyes.  Her love was unequivocal. 
When I went off to college, she had deteriorated because of arthritis to the point of needing to be carried around.  She was 90 years old in people years.  My dad with great pain, and sadness had her put to sleep when she could not stand at all.  It was years before he was able to tell me what happened. 
She and my dad showed me there are no limitations other than what you put on yourself.


I remember you talking about that dog. How awesome! Shows God cares about all his creations and puts us together for reasons. right? :)
chitra said…
Nice post Frances, There is a good message in this.
hummer said…
Christina, she was a special dog to me.
Chitra, Thank you. I hope the message is uplifting.
E. said…
Very uplifting. Thank you for sharing.