Sharing a Slice of Life #41 Going to the Zoo.

As our group grew, we did not go to the zoo as often.  Unfortunately, work took our weekends more often than not.
Your first trip to the zoo with your first child always holds a special memory for a parent.  You are now  a family and you are taking a trip to the zoo.  Oh yeah. 
The Oklahoma City Zoo was TexasBlu's very first zoo trip.  They had begun to have huge open runs for the African animals.  It was disconcerting to be pushing a stroller along and hear thundering hooves at your back.  You would turn and see the giraffes, antelopes, etc. running freely.  It was before the big safari ranches we have now, so the sight was breath taking. 
Texasblu wowed the Aviary attendant, because a Toucan decided she was his object of attention.  He followed her, sat next to her and just watched her.  It was interesting to see. He was not aggressive in manner.
Her favorite was the giraffe and riding on her dad's shoulders to be up near them.  Wonderful memory and so glad we have the pictures including Texasblu drinking out of a lion's mouth.
There is one more picture I will add later with her on her dad's shoulders, when I find what I did with my TexasBlu files.  Sigh


lindalee said…
Like you, the zoo was a favorite haunt for my two boys and me. We actually stopped at the local zoos whenever we traveled by car to various cities. In fact, my oldest, who is 33, still enjoys the zoo :-D
Texasblu said…
Ha-ha I'm almost 40 and it's still my favorite place to go! :D
chitra said…
i remember taking my son to Kolata New Alipur zoo every Sunday as spending time in zoo was my son's fav.