Finished My Promise

Sewing again. I had promised my second daughter 'Little Miss Sunshine' last fall to make her a dress for her birthday. The grandchildren stepped in and messed up my timing, then she found out she was pregnant and I would not be able to make the same dress. Or could I? After some alterations to the pattern, I came up with a beautiful dress for her. This was done even when the the button hole attachement wouldn't work, and I had to do the button holes and lace by hand.

 Good thing I started sewing before all the gadgets on sewing machines.
Hope you enjoy. She is beautiful, a glowing mommy.


Mary said…
Beautiful! I've been wanting to start sewing but just haven't done it. All kinds of excuses I have - from no where to set up the machine, to no time. I even went out and bought a pattern and material but still procrastinate
lindalee said…
Excellent! I used to sew and haven't done much in years. Maybe I should take it up again.
chitra said…
Beautiful!!especially when it is stitched by a mom for her dear daughter.
bettyl said…
How lovely! I have an old 50's sewing machine that works great, but am not inspired to sew. Maybe you'll rub off!
What a sweet dress and your daughter looks beautiful in it! I would love to be able to sew, you are an inspiration!

Shari Sunday said…
Good job! I have hardly sewn since high school Home Ec. I did make my clothes when I was pregnant with my son. I think I had three tops and two pairs of pants. Speaking of Home Ec, I wish it would have been more than just a throw away class. The high school near me offers a full culinary training course.