Slice of Life #40: Candlelight Dinner

I warned you I am far behind.  Candlelight Dinner, writing this story has to have the Hero in it. Oh duh.
This involves my romantic daughters.  As they were growing up, going out to eat was not a real option, thus our anniversary celebrations were usually at home.

This particular special evening was planned by my two older girls.  They helped plan the food, set the table and get the candles out. We had grape juice in wine glasses and a full course meal. Don't ask me what we ate, maybe one of the girls will remember.  There was music in the background and soften lights.  The Hero and I were filled with love for our imps who were so determined that we have a beautiful, romantic evening.  My eyes still tear up at the thought.  What a joy it was to look across the candles at my sweetheart and feel his loving gaze.  The girls, of course, sat on the stair part of the time, I hope feeling pretty proud of themselves for accomplishing a special evening for us.  Romantic dancing. The warm feeling still comes back after all these years.  How grateful I am we had daughters who cared and we had the quiet loving atmosphere to make a memory with.
You don't have to be a millionaire to have a special candlelight evening.


wendy said…
Awww, what thoughtful and kind daughters you have.
I can just visualize the beauty and grace of your candle light dinner. Love swirling around both of you (and seeping up the stairs too).

Thanks for sharing this special memory with us.