Kai The Nanny Dog

 This morning as I headed out to the garden with the toddlers, I was struck by the joy my granddaughter expressed as she saw Kai waiting just out side.  She ran to him and hugged him as if he had been gone for a long time.  Kai is half Siberian Husky and half Chocolate Labrador and belongs to my son who shares him with us.  I was not sure what to expect of him as he grew from a puppy to an adult dog.  I have read of the Japanese using  the Akita breed as playmates for their children.  Kai appears to have a similar temperament.  I looked up  the meaning of the name and it is "sea" in Hawaiian, or "keeper of the keys;earth" in Wales.  I think he leans towards the earth.

Later we returned to the porch and they began to play.  You can see the loving relationship they have. 

It is a blessing to have a dog that adores children.


What a gentle and beautiful dog he is! And your granddaughter is precious!

Eva Gallant said…
Gentle dogs and little kids are a great combination!
chitra said…
Beautiful, and dogs really know how to play with young kids.
Vanessa Rogers said…
How sweet is that picture!! That dog seems like a great dog for children.
LOL! Those are such great pics Mom! I'm so jealous. I wish I could find a dog like him for Isaac.