Hang Around For A Week or Two and the Weather Will Change.

Yesterday was a regular muggy Texas day.  We had gone from light frosts almost overnight to the highs being in the 80's and the lows in the 60's.  We had brought out all the warm weather clothes and put up all the cool weather clothes.
Then last night a front went through, it dropped to the 40's and although it is 60 degrees, the Northwest wind chill makes it much cooler.  We are searching for sweaters and sweatshirt jackets. 
That did not stop the flowers though.  
The Texas Coral Honeysuckle is growing like everything.  The Toddlers like to suck on the end and enjoy the sweet nectar. It grows wild along the road near my house and in the back of the farm. If you click on its name you can read about it. Then click the back arrow to come back here if you like.

This is the toddler's mint garden.  There is Spearmint, Chocolate mint, Peppermint, and Pineapple mint, also Mexican Bush Sage on the side which is already beginning to bloom, and Columbine on the top for pretty flowers. Both the 2 and 4 year old love to feel and smell and taste the mints.  The two year old can't reach the columbine...that is why the flowers survive. ;)

I am loving being out side with the toddlers, and I am thankful that our plants were not bothered by the temperature change. 
If you can not tell we also are growing flowers to attract hummingbirds.  All the flowers I mentioned are hummingbird attracters.


Mildred said…
Oh how fun to have all these plants to attract hummers. I know the little ones love to rub the herbs and smell the sweet fragrances. I have grown pineapple sage before and the hummers here love it.
chitra said…
Good post. First time I am seeing a Honey suckle and haven't heard of so many varities of mint. Good info. I believe you have a nice garden.:)
A rootdigger said…
I envy you. I am a empty nester and no little birds insight to be flying in. Not even 'little hummers'