The Bluebonnets Are In Bloom !

When April comes in Texas, we have a tradition.  The cameras come out and you load your children in their Easter clothes and head for the fields of bluebonnets.  Everyone wants to their child's picture in the bluebonnets.  My daughter is always out there too.  Today, I went along to help and took the toddler's with me so they could have their pictures taken in the bluebonnets. (if you click on the pictures they can be seen larger, then click the blue arrow back)
They were like 'why am I here?'

Then vanity took over and the two year old patted the four year old on the shoulder and stepped into the lime light.
 The daughter had her two year old, the infant, and teens trying to catch a shot...since the two year old would not leave her side, the shot was in her lap. 
 She has that shot. 
Then there was the reasoning that you must not pick the bluebonnets.  Be careful don't step on them...

 That was a

 They finally relaxed for a smile.
 All in all it was fun and I do love the bluebonnets.


Eva Gallant said…
Oh my! A "sea" of blue!
chitra said…
I love those bed of blue bonnets and the cute little ones among them.
Brenda said…
So beautiful. But its still snowing on your blog! :)

Visiting from BPOTW
A rootdigger said…
Oh my gosh are you guys lucky. I had a package of those seeds and I tried once. I have seen something along some side roads in a northern part of Wi, that makes me wonder if they are some kind of northern verision of your blue bonnets. [My tiny scillia is nothing like those big flowers.] I wonder is there a fragrance. I like them even better than the tall versions.

I bet it's hard to stop taking pictures. I suppose they have rules there too.
Vanessa Rogers said…
I miss the bluebonnets!
hummer said…
Thanks to you all. It was fun and they are so beautiful And Rootdigger they are under protection, if it is along the highway do not pick.
Barbara said…
Hummer, Your bluebonnet photos are just stunning, I wish they grew here. So nice. Thanks.