High Tech Grandma

When I get all my head phones on....one for the computer and one for the phone, I feel like those characters in Star Trek movies..."the Borg". I am having fun learning to navigate through different methods of communication devices online. I hope to become proficient in assisting people to get clear and helpful answers to their software challenges.
Sometimes I feel like my computer has little devils in it blocking buttons and helps I need to complete tasks, then then next time everything goes beautifully without a hitch so I KNOW it had to be my challenge...not the computers. Oh well, I will become proficient in doing the navigation that is needful, maybe not the geek squad, rather the "Borg Squad"...
Maybe I am just up again way past my bedtime. It's fun being old, you can do what you want to.


Texasblu said…
lol - look at you! Is this the post you were talking about? Bet you never dreamed you'd be so techno-savvy!