Joyful That There is a God

 Man will fail you, said my Bishop as Ned and I sat across from him to ask about the moving of our area to a different church and members we didn't know. We had never been in this situation before and we were concerned because we had only joined the church a few months before. 

The loving gentle man said Brother and Sister why did you join the church? Well there were a number of reasons, but most of all it was answers to questions we had prior and shown to be true. Good, he said. It doesn't matter which church you are in, nor who you know, if you know the basic gospel and are true to it. God will not fail you but, if you put your faith in men, they can fail you. 

This has been heavy on my mind this last month and I am just writing it down so I remember, and never give up on what I am really fighting for. If I am faithful and true, to return to Heavenly Father and see my loving family members there. I found this picture in a public pray offering, and thought to share it here.

God is Good.