Write 25 reasons Why I chose You

Your eyes sparkled when I first met you.

You spoke of ideas.

You were a dreamer.

You hoped for the best.

You made me laugh.

You were honest.

You were a thinker.

You were a writer, especially of poems 
(which you read to me)

You cared about people

You were family oriented.

You wanted children.

You were interested in finding truths.

You read and studied even when it wasn't necessary.

You cared about me.

You were a talker, 
I could feel safe being quiet in a social setting.

You encouraged me to grow.

You held my hand.

You excited me.

You loved life.

You loved to travel.

You were able to look at each as a unique individual. 

You were a hard worker.

You were willing to do what it took to overcome.

You loved me back.

When you held me in your arms, I knew I was safe.

We are one for all eternity, For that I am grateful.

Aine posted a prompt at Blue Raspberry Sky
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