School By Skype and Fall Happenings

In September, my daughter decided that I could teach an hour class for 4 Mondays by Skype on World War II.  It was so much fun looking at the screen and seeing my 6 grands looking back at me from Idaho. I shared my screen with them and told them of the years leading up to WWII.  They were interested in the happening and choices made by the governments, and the people of the world's reactions from old newspaper clippings.
 Their main goal was to hear about their great grandfather's experience which I had researched through old newspapers and his file and wrote about on a genealogy blog, Worldwide Genealogy  We had mediocre discussions, but I ended it with an appeal to them to learn of history and search out information for themselves so they would know what is truth. They were given documentaries, and things to read to remind me of what we had covered. The ages were from 3 to 15, learning abilities autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, and normal. They all learned a little, and one even decided for his Halloween costume he wanted to be a WWII soldier like his great grandfather.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, we are down to the wire on creating the costumes now.  Another of the Idaho grands has asked for a Scottish warrior costume.  I found a kilt reasonably priced on Ebay, that was a LOT cheaper than buying fabric and making one. The Sporran was a different story, buying scrap leather and making it was a lot CHEAPER.  Of course, it is not as classy and fancy, but it might be more authentic. (laughing at myself).
These are the pictures of my sojourn I had making the sporran. It was fun and if the mom takes pictures, I will add to this post later.

This was a first for me sewing with leather. The patterns I found were for soft glove leather or too large for a 12-year-old boy. I took the measurement and scaled them to a youth size.  My sewing machine couldn't do the thicker leather, so I had to use an awl and try to make matching holes on the side and front and back.  Not my most perfect creation, but I did feel like 'TaDah' when I finished. I am sending him his flint for starting the fires, and his dad is giving him a honing stone... so he is good to go.
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