Sunshine in My Soul

"There is sunshine in my soul, when the peaceful happy moments flow..."
While listening to a variation of this song, by a young woman who was singing of her little daughter and the joy she brought to her, I was transported back in time.  My mind took me on a journey of my six sunbeams in my life, and the tears flowed.  I decided to write a brief love note to each so they will know how much I love them then and now.
Just after Ned's funeral in 2008

There was the life changing first child a sweet little bundle of joy, a girl. She was so full of "I've got an idea", bright smiles and loving life to the fullest. She has never failed to amaze me with her abilities to overcome and her capacity to love and give. We are waiting patiently (lol) for her first novel. She is now a mother of 8.
Our first trip at 6 months old.

18 months old

Number two child and daughter began her life as a little ray of sunshine and continues to strive today to bring sunshine into others' lives. She has always lived life with a flair. If she has a challenge in life she turns it around to help others, and never fails to reach out to give me love. She is now a mother of 6 and 2 step children.
Our favorite past time riding in the back pack with mom.
Then there were two.

Our first son and third child was named after his dad and those before him, making him the fourth. He was a bright eyed, imaginative little boy, and as he grew older, he chose to think in black and white. Not the easiest choice when faced with others ready for some gray areas. He has been a great example of strength to me as he has become a man with a family of his own.  He too helps others and seeks his strength from the Lord. He is a father of 3.
First arrival at home.

Then there were three.
When number four child came, we all knew a special spirit had come into our midst. Was she perfect, her siblings will tell you NO, but she was one who looked at life in a loving way. She had big eyes, a big smile, and wide open arms to embrace us all...especially me. Her choices have put her in a place to be of light and help to family and friends.  She is now a mother of 5 girls.

My cutie pie
Then there were four.

When Ned and I greeted our fifth child and fourth daughter, it was with gratitude that all went well in the delivery. She was the tiniest of my children. Many times in her life she has tugged at my heart strings as she has struggled to survive in this life. She is a joy.  She is a mother of  3.
first day of school

Then there were five

I am now to my sixth child and second son.  What fun it was watching him grow. When Ned died, he was 19, and chose to hang around to make sure I was okay. (he wouldn't tell you so) He has managed his own ambitions, and has actually helped me monetarily. He is now moving on in life which is good and I find joy in this. I pray he finds a young lady who will appreciate him.

can not find a picture of him with me alone. Our camera was broken. This is him with his two older sisters.

Then there were six. My joys.
The good thing about this exercise is I have found many pictures. The bad thing is I have found I was not good early in my family life about being in pictures, with the excuse, I don't look good.  Lesson learned the hard way.  I was there, just behind the camera. 

I enjoyed my moment of reminiscing, and searching through the pictures I still have. I gave most to them as they left home and started their own home. I love my family. We have enjoyed laughter and tears together. They have given me sunshine in my soul in the joy of knowing that as my little angels have grown, they have kept a testimony of Christ and each has a desire to follow his teachings. 


Linda Gatewood said…
Fran, this was really beautiful! So touching and a wonderful tribute not only to your children, but to their endearing mother! There are many mothers who are the ones who take the pictures - never pose for them! You are not alone! Luv ya!
Fran Ellsworth said…
Thank you Linda for the kind words. I know there are many including one of my daughters that finally came to the realization that they need to be in the pictures too. :)
Wendy said…
Yes, this post resonates. I too was very camera shy.
What a lovely family you have - and they've all become loving parents (and hopefully your youngest will one day as well).

Sending lots of hugs your way -this post brought a smile to my face.
Fran Ellsworth said…
Thank you Wendy. I have enjoyed your visits always.