Kissing and Telling

Gosh I can't... well yes I can believe I am this far behind. Going back to December, I missed the December prompt of "Kissing Stories"by Blue Raspberry Sundays... I didn't remember mistletoe being particularly a part of Christmas, so I hesitated writing a post for that.  My number two daughter said, not so, she has pictures to prove it.   Well yes, when she put up mistletoe at her apartment, we smooched under that, but I will tell you my Hero did not like ODA, his acronym for Obvious Displays of Affection, out in public.  Funny guy, it set him up for so much teasing by me.  I was a terrible tease.  I only have one picture that shows me teasing him (a favorite of mine).

I would start to give him a peck on the cheek out in public and I would be admonished... "no ODA". Well, confession is good for the soul, so I will tell you, I would wait until we got out of site of people or in an elevator and give him a big kiss.  This was okay until he began worrying there were camera's in the elevators, then I would have to sneak a kiss. I guess I was a mess.
This is the only picture I have of a kiss between the two of us, and it was on the special day of my life when we two became one.  That time I was shaking so bad he had to hold my had to calm me down.

 Life with my Hero was never dull.  At least, that was what he said to me. 


What a cute story! I loved it.
I love that you were shaking so hard...true love Fran, true love.

He sounds like a wonderful person to have been in your life.