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Aine urged us to go through our photos for the last 10 years and create a post using the photos for the past 10 years.
I am in a world of hurt.  When my children left home, I sent the bulk of pictures of them with them.  After that along came digital cameras (love them) BUT I had saved all my pictures, organized beautifully, on my external hard drive so I would not lose any... Guess what, computer is fine... external is in the shop, with prayers.
Since my picture capacity is low, I (this is with a wink) decided to have a historical reenactment of Christmas's past.  Last year (repeat "last year") I purchased some awesome Christmas fabric with the goal in mind to make pillow cases for all my grandchildren for the following Christmas. Do you think I actually followed through with that?  You are right... I did not.  So on Thursday (3 days ago) I got my fabric out, and began my marathon to finish my pillowcases in time to mail them with in 3 days. I have finish 5 of 25.  When my children were little it was always the last 3 days before Christmas and half the time I worked all night to finish what I was working on. The dad was always putting something together.
This is part of my project still in progress.
The boys' fabric for their pillow cut and ready to sew.

This is the finished project ready for California

There are five. There are 4 girls and one on the way.
I am thinking of telling the mom, I am going to join the red hat society and the one who chooses the Red one I will add with me. ;-)
The pillow cases folded out.
I have blogged about Christmas on both this blog and my genealogy blog.  Here are the links if you would like to see the pictures and read about the fun and memories with pictures.

The most memorable Christmas was when my daughter and son in law played Santa at a time her dad and I were in financial straights and were very depressed.
We went to bed having done the best we could and were very surprised when we woke up the next morning to a Santa visit that was not known.  They had snuck in the back door, we never locked it, and had put presents under the tree that delighted the younger siblings.  Years later my son in law played Santa again to our family.  He drove through snow storms, sleet, and winds to deliver my daughter and 7 wonderful grandchildren to a hard hit family on December 23rd 2008, just hours after her father died.  He had tried to wait for his present, the Lord was in a hurry for him.  

I miss my Santa baby... He was so much fun at Christmas.  Of course, when he made everyone wait to open presents until he had read the Christmas Story from St. Luke, he wasn't held in high regard by the little ones.  He loved everything about Christmas, it was his favorite time of the year. 


Aine said…
Ok, so after all of that, all I can think of is, "Oh my gosh - Dad looks like Denver Pyle there!" Sorry - I know you were going for sentiment but that totally cracks me up. :D