My Halloween Ghost, True Story.

My Halloween Ghost, True Story. J
Once there was a ghost who lived in a house in Edmond, Oklahoma.   The little girl there saw him in her closet. A dark headed man who just hung around her room.
At night she was careful to cover her head so just her nose stuck out.  He couldn’t touch her then.  This was because one night, she woke up and something was holding her hand.  Weird.  She knew he meant her no harm so she just kept an eye out for him. 
               She knew when he was around because she felt ...
someone watching her.

When she had grown up and went away to college, her parents found her portrait off the wall, sitting on the floor facing the wall.  She was missed, or he was ticked she had left.
The house is gone, a big warehouse sits there now, wonder where the ghost went, if he found peace. The legend was,  he was a man found who had hung himself in the chicken house when the area was a farm.

The End J


patti redding said…
That would shake someone to their bones... thanks for sharing.
Wendy said…
Weird! That poor little girl!!
Aine said…
That is very creepy, knowing that it was you.