Blue Raspberry Sunday "Texas Homecoming Traditions"

Looks like joining the meme  Blue Raspberry Sundays is getting me back blogging. Would love to have you join in.
Today prompt is Homecoming memories and or other Fall Traditions.
This one is again, a personal story.  My daughter and her sweet boyfriend were going to her homecoming.  She was a twirler so it was important to go. He lived about 30 miles away and drove and old green Valiant (that has some funny stories in itself).  I knew the long distant challenges, and that he was preparing to go on a church mission, so I took pity on them and said I would make the mum corsage.  Before coming to Texas, I had never seen this tradition, but had worked as a school nurse at the High School for 8 years, thus I was prepared.
I went down to the local Michael's and stocked up on the materials I needed.  It took 2 weeks to get it all assembled and just to her liking.  I think it turned out great.
 She kept it for a long time, but many moves made it impractical to keep.
We thought this was large, but you could pin it on.  A far cry from what the mums of today are.  They are so huge that the girls have to have a strap that goes around their neck to hold it up.

The following is a picture of the Hero's nephew's mums for his date just this weekend. 

This is one a friend shared on the internet.

This is a Texas tradition.  I giggle at that thought which brings up another... In Texas things are always bigger... The story of the Texas mums has made it to the internet.  Check it out here  So, if you live in Texas you might have a mum tradition.  ;)  


Aine said…
Is a Valiant the same as a Studebaker? Because it was a puke green Valiant... and he did buy the base mum, but remember it was super basic. He didn't have any experience with it either.. Jim was from Pittsburgh.
Fran Ellsworth said…
Oh my, you are so right it was a Studebaker... now who's memory is failing. :-) Puke green is so descriptive. :D
Wendy said…
My goodness, I'd never heard of the Texas mum tradition! I've learned something! Thank you.

Wow - lovely mums, but the smiles on your daughter's face and her sweet boyfriend are worth millions of mums!!
Fran Ellsworth said…
Wendy so great to see you commenting. Forgot how I enjoyed my blogger friends.The Texas mums, for me anyway appear to be out of hand. Love ya