A Christmas Memory and More

A little fun for you, my grandson and granddaughter chose a gift for their uncle that gave them a giggle.  Hope you get a giggle out of it too.

Of course after walking through the store with the 2 year old pushing the button ever time it stopped, her teenage brother was ready to squash the toy, sister, and grandma.
Big brother in Cap.  Littler sister in arms

I hope to finish some important projects from last year. I need to learn when to stop adding and just get the job done.  Sigh.

Saying this very quietly, I am hoping to have spring time at home this year.  My daughter keeps talking about me moving into town, but I have to say, I love the country and how there isn't anyone dictating how I should live.  I know not so good for the property values, but then who is to say the people who live down the street in a trailer and own their land, isn't as good as the person living in a half a million dollar home in town and still owes most of their mortgage.  Okay, I need to stop there.  The door to moving is not closed.

The following are a few pictures from Christmas.  Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed New Year! Thanks for coming by.
My daughter making me laugh because she had to show off her pregnancy #6

Gave my daughter-in-law a sewing machine. She has started to sew for her children. My first gift when I was married was a sewing machine from my parents. Her old sewing machine was a student one, pretty worn. :)

Son with his three children at a Christmas Ward  party was supposed to be like Bethlehem. 
My grandson's in t-shirts I bought for them.

My Kewpie Doll granddaughter.  She has always reminded me of this doll, so when I found one this year... it became hers.  She played with it a long time.

Granddaughter was blessed the 29th. My son was able to meet them in Utah and participate in the blessing.  The Hero  is missed, he never missed a blessing or baptism of a grandchild.


You have beautiful kids and grandkids, but then you knew that! It must be difficult deciding whether or not to move. I wish you all the best in 2014, wherever you live!
Fran Ellsworth said…
Thank you for complementing my beautiful kids, and grandchildren. I sure do love them. My druthers... would be a RV to just go around and visit. ;) fe