2013 Christmas Season

This last week end, I spent with my son, his wife and their 3 new children.  It was a special week end, starting out with visiting when I arrived.  The mom had to go pick up a daughter from sports, and the dad was giving his last presentation for his classes for the semester. There was the making of gingerbread houses. Always a fun Christmas activity. Of course, afterwards, there were the territorial markings of MY gingerbread house (and candy.)  But nothing out of the ordinary.
starting construction.
Nibbles were required to make sure the product was good. :)

The next day we were up and it was 31 degrees outside.  Did the family let that stop them? No, we were out walking on the green belt just huffing and puffing.  It was fun.
There was shopping to do later and in the evening we went to the church ward party.  The dad had to create a stall for their part in the party, it was a night at Bethlehem event.
Stall and creator.
Stall keeper and wife.
Of course, Mary and Joseph had to stop by the stalls looking for a place to stay to end up at the stable.
When the baby was born our own little angel was in attendance.
Mom's creative costuming and a bid smile.

We contributed a wise man... it was touch and go at first because we were looking for a Sheppard and they changed the roles in the back. J  

The next step was to visit Santa Claus. How special is it that someone would take the time to give young girls and boys so much fun.

There was fun to be had by all. Afterwards, we went home and they were allowed to open my presents to them.
The next day we went to church and I headed home.  Yes, with a tear in my eye. It is so hard to leave your loved ones, but love modern days so we know it is easier to visit than in days of yore.
Chat at you later. --Hummer--


chitra said…
This such a beautiful thing. seems you had loads of fun. Last few months were hectic , missed my blogging and friends. Trying to bring some balance.Sometimes how-much ever I try I find it difficult to make my posts.
Wish you best of Xmas season!!
Kristin said…
Sounds like a wonderful visit.
Lovely memories for you and the young ones!
Fran Ellsworth said…
Thank you all for your comments. It was a lovely time and writing my blog is my type of journal to capture the moments. --Hummer