Grandma Langley's Fry Bread

As I was looking for a recipe by my grandmother Lenora Gildon Langley to post on FamilySearch's Family Tree, I realized she did not have specialty recipes like we see today.  Grandma Langley was a pioneer camp cook in her methods.  Everything was cooked with bacon, and she used stuff from the garden.  There weren't steaks or chicken like we have now in abundance. They would kill their own chicken, dress it and most of the time, boil it with dumplings or noodles, and carrots.   
My favorite memory of her was my early teen years.  She lived in a small house my dad had bought for her behind us.  When I got home from school, she would pull out her handy wash bowl full of flour and whip up some of her version of Indian fry bread and serve it up with homemade jelly or strawberry jam from the store. Sometimes, there was honey.  I watched her as she made it, so I continued to make this for my children as they grew up.  Yummy days. 
I know my oldest aunt Della Langley Whitaker, and grandma had the same type of wash bowl they kept by the stove ready for anyone who dropped by for a quick snack.  I inherited the bowl from my grandmother, and still have it. It is pictured on the scrapbook page.
My grandmother only put flour and water in her fry bread.  You would have to put yourself in her surroundings as she grew up. It was a tradition. When they traveled in the wagons, and apparently they moved more than we thought, it was easy to have flour and water to mix up bread and fry in a pan of grease over the fire. You pour the water into them middle of the flour well, mix with your fingers, make a patty and fry in grease (oil).   Every time I eat it now I feel I am experiencing a taste of the past.  I have created a scrapbook page for a visual. J  

Sorry, I didn't wait for you it was finger lickin’ good. J


Betty Luckhurst said…
Sounds like great memories. I knew a lady in GA who had her tupperware bowl of self-rising flour and she could make the best biscuits, making the dough right in the bowl with not a bit of mess when she was done. I was, and still am, astonished at her magic!
My mother made bread on Fridays and sometimes fried some of the batch for our lunch. Soooo good.