Florist Fun For Mother's Day

I was helping a special friend today, who does not have a car right now.  We were in town at the bank, when I received a call asking about my address.  I was hesitant to answer the woman speaking because no one was at home.  After a few moments of conversation, the woman explains she is trying to deliver flowers for me.  She is at the address that I gave her.  Well, I couldn't get home, and had left our sweet dog outside, who was barking at her.

 She was delivering from a Florist that was 25 miles away, so neither of us wanted to repeat the trip.  I finally said, put the phone out and I will talk with our dog and get him to sit down.  She said, "I'll try".  She puts the phone out the door and says "Here he is..." my cue to talk with him.  I told him it was okay and told him to sit down, in a stern tone.  She walked up to the door and sat the flowers down on the porch.  I asked if she needed to keep the phone on while walking out to the car.  She said, "no, he sat down next to the porch and just watched, still looking at the phone."  My friend and I laughed visualizing my dog looking quizzically at the phone trying to figure out where I was.  Shades of technology.
Back to the flowers.  
When I arrived home, there was the sweetest arrangement of Daisies and Roses with a pink gingham ribbon around them...
 Beautiful and simple.  
Thank you my son and daughter in law!  I love them!


Chitra said…
This is so sweet..Frances,..long time since I work and keeps me from blogging..
Fran Ellsworth said…
Chitra, I understand the challenge. Love your jewelry, it is a Work of Art. :)
Wonderful story! And the flowers are pretty indeed.
Love your post! How beautiful.