CreativeGene Carnival, 122nd Edition "School Humor"

For the CreativeGene Carnival 122nd Edition "School Humor"
I can not remember any humor in my school days, but I have a funny related to my daughter in High School.
My Hero was member of the Optimist Club.  We had gone to a community class on how to involved the school kids in fighting drugs.  The Optimist Club sponsored at C.H.I.C.K.E.N. Club who's motto was 'Just Say No'. The name stood for C.H.I.C.K.E.N stands for "Cool Honest Intelligent Clear-headed Keen Energetic and Not interested in drugs!" 
They had a Chicken Costume for a mascot to wear at rallies and activities.  It was kept in my office.  I was the school nurse, and my oldest daughter was the vice-president of the club in her sophomore year.  

Her boy friend went to a different high school, 30 minutes away.  He was also a senior and had privileges of getting out early, etc..

One afternoon, thirty minutes before our school was let out, he came to my office.  (This was in the days before you had to go though a screening before entering the school)  The office personnel knew who he was because my daughter was a twirler and he was always with her, so they waved him on.
When he came in, he said he wanted to go to her class.  I had to say no.  The next thing I knew he came out of the bathroom in the big yellow chicken suit and was out the door before I could stop him.  There he went, all 6 foot of him looking like a big yellow chicken with red feet.  He went to her class and looked through the door, and waved.  He then ran back to my office and tore into the bathroom to change.  I knew he was worried that the principal was around, but lucky for him, the principal was off campus that afternoon.  I am supposing that the teacher didn't see the chicken and the kids just thought it was another "Just Say NO"  activity, because there were no repercussions.    
He has always been a funny bunny, but him in that chicken suit was one of the funniest things I ever saw.  Still giggle about it.  
She married him and he continues to be a funny bunny.   


Jasia said…
Congratulations, Frances, you made me laugh out loud! What a hoot! I can just picture a 6' guy walking down the hall in a high school in a chicken suit. So out of place and yet so understandable given the circumstances. Thanks for the laugh and for sharing you story in the COG!
Hummer said…
Thank you Jasia. Appreciate the COG
Hummer said…
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"Funny story, glad you posted it."

Thank you Charles, I am sorry I clicked the wrong button.