Congratulations To the Second Place Winner of the Texas State Plumbing Association Tournament

You are always proud when your child has an achievement. Of course, he would be quick to tell me, he is a man, not a child. (smiling)
Loved this observer's tee.
Last week the Texas State Plumbing Association held their annual tournament for apprentice plumbers.  Each area could pick one.  My son had thought he was not going to be able to go as a classmate had been picked.  At the last minute, he was given the go ahead to compete.  He asked me to go so he could study the Plumbing Codes on the way up to Dallas.  Not a problem, I like seeing plumbing tournaments... just one question what is it? Do they joust with wrenches? or pipes?  Not exactly, they are given a blueprint,   supplies, a work space,and told to bring specific tools,
His work space

The first night they arrive, they are given an exam.  The second day, they have to perform a task with in 8 hours.  It was a challenging task. The contestants worked hard at it, then it was over at 4pm.  The son looked tired and worn out but had hopes.
He is working upside down

Judges discussing.
The judges examined the work, graded them, factored in the written test, then called all together to announce the two winners that would go to National Plumbers Association Tournament in Maryland in the fall.
Wait for it....

Choosing his prizes.

With head judge
He was not number one, but he was the second one, and only one point behind number one.  Not bad. He was the youngest and the last to receive the instructions. He still beat out the man who had been picked first from his area.
Mom was doing the dance and had her cell phone camera going.
Yeah!  You go son!

PS For mother's day he has fixed my sink and drainage pipes.  Not bad.


bettyl said…
That is so awesome! Kids today don't seem to have much ambition. Great job!
Phoebe Bramston said…
It's a wonderful feeling to have your son fixing your sink and pipes.Congratulations to both of you!

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