Great Ideas at the Nursery

For those of you who do not know, I have started working at the Nursery the Hero and I worked at before he died.  It is spring time work, and of course this is my favorite time of the year.  I love plants... well, selective plants; weeds, some, not so much.
Spring Gardens Nursery in The Woodlands, Texas  has grown and branched out since I last worked for them.  The owner has come up with several alternate growing methods.  Those who live here know what I mean when I say to grow organically in the ground in the south is challenging because of fire ants. His use of the strawberry pots and a wire arbor is great for someone wanting a small garden that looks fashionable. It would be awesome in a Townhome's patio.
Tomatoes, Cucumbers
His other idea was to use strawberry pots stacked for a floral display.  This is the beginning, I will share with you as they fill out.
Dianthus, Begonia, Purslane, Mexican Petunia
Yes I am having fun. It was hard the first day coming down, but my old friends were so nice.  it is okay now. 


Lori E said…
Though it may be hard what better place to be working than at a nursery where things grow and change with the seasons.
Hummer said…
Thanks Lori. You are right. : )
Good for you. Working with plants and gardening supplies seems like a very life-affirming activity. And I like the stacked strawberry pots!
Hummer said…
Thanks you are so right. I wish I had the money to invest in one them, but I still have my garden to work with so...
Wendy said…
That's my dream - to work in a nursery. Actually, I'd love to own one, but I'd settle for working in one. Oh, to be with flowers and plants all day. I'm so happy for you!!