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Slice of Life #62: Howdy Neighbor! My Many Good Neighbors

This is written for the meme prompt by the pirate princess on Sharing a Slice of Life .
I have lived a life on the fringes of town. There never were children around to play with.
When I lived in Pawnee, we lived in the country, but I remember there was a wonderful black man who came and comforted me while my mom was getting help for the out of control fire.  You can read about that here.
He didn't live next door, but he saw a small crying girl and reached out to comfort her.
When we went through the tornado, I remember driving around with my dad to check on all the other farmers in the area before we made it to my aunt's making sure no one was hurt. Tornado story.
This was my life pretty much.
In Edmond, my neighbors were an elderly lady and an elderly brother and sister who lived across the street.  They let me come by and visit and help them.  There was always a sweet smile.  When I left for college, I never saw them again.  They left an old wardrobe and sewing machine which …

What You Do When Waiting For Baby to Arrive? Cut Your Hair?

Yesterday we were having a pleasant time with a leisurely morning.  My daughter said to me, "Mom cut my hair".  I said "All right", assuming I would be trimming her long locks. 
I went in to the sink where she was and found her with her hair up in a long pony tail on top of her head.  I decided that she had decided against cutting her hair. Oh no, she motioned to the scissors and said "Would you get a measuring tape, please?"  My mind was wondering, 'what is she doing?'  Okay, I finally said, "How am I cutting you hair?"  She now remembers she has forgotten to tell me that her plan is to have 10" and donate to Locks of Love. (Locks of Love  is an organization the takes the hair you donate... at least 10" and helps disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss. It is a very worthy cause.)
We measured. Sure enough there was 11" enough to spare.  She motioned where she wanted me to cut. I did and my eyes widened as she took o…

Big Whoop! Happy Birthday MomE! Milestone again.

Doing the happy dance.  As I am not home, I called her and had a nice visit.  She said the assisted living home treated her great!  Cake, songs, and lots of friends to congratulate her.  Her son and daughters were not home today either.  They will be celebrating tomorrow.
I love this lady greatly.  Glad I at least got phone hugs.  My daughter had hoped, oh,okay, I hoped that my daughter would have the baby on her birthday. I thought what a great present, but alas, still no new baby yet.  Join me in wishing MomE a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!