Big Whoop! Happy Birthday MomE! Milestone again.

My mother-in-law turned 92 today.
Doing the happy dance.  As I am not home, I called her and had a nice visit.  She said the assisted living home treated her great!  Cake, songs, and lots of friends to congratulate her.  Her son and daughters were not home today either.  They will be celebrating tomorrow.
I love this lady greatly.  Glad I at least got phone hugs.  My daughter had hoped, oh,okay, I hoped that my daughter would have the baby on her birthday. I thought what a great present, but alas, still no new baby yet.  Join me in wishing MomE a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   


Mary said…
Happy Birthday to your MomE (your mother-in-law?). Wishing her a special day for her!
Hummer said…
Thanks Mary. Yes she is my mother-in-law.
bettyl said…
Happy birthday, Mom in Law!! It's nice to have a DIL that loves you!!
I am jealous of your relationship with her... but glad for both of us that you DO have a happy one. Happy birthday Grandmother!