Sheet Pajamas and Pillowcase Gown .... Recycled Is Good

This is a blog piece I planned while in California. When I came back to Texas, things were crazy.  I decided today I needed to begin to catch up.
My granddaughter Miss T loved her 'Chutes and Ladders' sheets.  I guess you could say she loved them almost too much, the sheets became worn with a hole or two  Thus the mom requested while I was visiting and waiting on the newborn, would I make some pajamas for the two older girls from the sheets.
We started with the sheets,

I just couldn't stop with  a plain top, there had to be decorative stitches, ribbons... she is girly.

We ended up with pajamas for Miss T and a pillow case gown for Miss E.

Now the video my daughter sent to me when I got home.

I think they are beautiful.


Carol said…
Very cute!! Love the video!
bettyl said…
How clever! The patterns are just perfect.
Very clever jammies, and the girls are gaining fabulous modeling skills!
Misty said…
So talented! I wish I could sew pajamas.. But I can't even sew a button on a shirt! So amazing.
Wendy said…
That video is priceless!! I thought they were going to fall down once or twice as the twirled around. Lucky Grandma to get sweet good-night kisses.

Those jammies are sweet. You have a lot of patience to sew so well.
chitra said…
So sweet..Loved the video and the pretty pajamas too.