Nanny Dog and The Granddaughter

My son's part Siberian, part Labrador dog has been talked about by me before.  He is so good with my grandchildren and a very vigilant dog too.  Especially when it comes to the squirrels. He keeps them away from the house and the dog food.  LOL.  He greets me when I come home.  I know I am loved.  His nose comes in the door as I open it and his whole huge self if I don't fuss at him.  I thought I would share one of his days with the granddaughter.  It is is pictures. It does not require words. Hope you enjoy.

Oh so, you are bored!
Another long day


Carol said…
He really IS patient with the kids, isn't he? Love this!
hummer said…
Just saw the date on the picture. It really is 2011 I don't know how to set the date on the camera. LOL
Thanks Carol.
He is a beautiful dog! So gentle!

chitra said…
Hope you are fine.
The dog is co operating well with your g. daughter. May be it also loves to play with kids.
chitra said…
Hope my comment got registered:)
Sharn White said…
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Wendy said…
Is your granddaughter really colouring the dog with a red crayon?? LOL! What a good-tempered animal.
This is a fun post.