Just A Thought

Today is moving slowly, a blessing for me.  I have had time to think and ponder.  As I have been researching and helping others, I have been listening to R. Carlos Nakai playing the Native American Flute music in the back ground.  My thoughts have been  why am so drawn to the Native American Flute and to Pan Pipe music.   There is something in me that reaches out to the tones and vibrations.  I love it and am contemplating buying a cedar Indian flute and taking lessons. If you are thinking she must have Native American Ancestry, nope, rumors, but no fact.   Have you ever experienced this feeling toward music?  My granddaughter has longed for a harp.  Her parents just purchased her one. Now she is waiting for her father to drive to pick it up. Can't wait for her to start.  Skype here I come to listen.  Grandparents are blessed to have internet these days when they are far away.

The pictures are from Native American Style Flutes which I am considering purchasing, I may start off with a less expensive learner's flute, but I am pretty sure I am going to venture here.  Of course we all know why I am looking at the Hummingbird totem.


bettyl said…
Oooo!! Be sure to let us know how you progress!
chitra said…
That is a new hobby to develop. I started learning a classical instrument called veena, still a student. Now I need a good tutor too.
I love Carlos Nakai, too. But I'm going in a different direction musically: I'm learning to drum so I can help my grandson. Rock 'n roll, jazz, big band, that sort of drumming.
hummer said…
Thanks Bettyl.
chitra will look up the veena.
Blissed-Out now I am in awe of you. Drums. Love them but definitely not the direction I am pulled in. Maybe you can do a video of yourself and your grandson for us to enjoy.
Texasblu said…
That's one of Nana's choices of instruments too. Guess ya'll think alike in that area. ;)
Wendy said…
Isn't that interesting. I too have been drawn to the Native American flute over the past few years. Have not done anything more than listen to some "clips" on the net. One day I will buy one and take lessons. My son bought on (I think it was from this same company), but hasn't opened it yet.

The low melodious tones draw me. I cannot explain it, but it just does.

Good luck. Let us know how you get along with this. Sounds like fun!