Preparing for a Pretty Spring

I have a boat load of subjects to blog about, a 40 acre fire just 2 miles over, my mother-in-law having pneumonia, yep, a boat load. ; )
I will instead blog today about the pleasant time I spent with my granddaughter making a pretty hanging basket.
Today we started out with new potting soil.  I was able to buy Miracle Grow Potting soil for under 5 dollars...I used it. I had a beautiful black iron hanging basket.  The granddaughter loves petunias and the grandson loves how they smell.  It was a given, annual petunias with alyssum would fit the bill. 

Of course when you give a 3 year old a watering can you are never sure how it will turn out.

All finished and fertilized and blessed to grow. 
The splash of red in the background is a groove of Redbud trees.

We will let you know how it turns out.


Wendy said…
How nice to see spring coming! And granddaughters too!
Carol said…
Lovely, and building memories for the little ones too! WIN WIN
Oh, I am looking forward to the day that I am planting flower baskets. How sweet you are to let the kiddies share in the fun!

Hope your MIL gets well soon.

chitra said…
Good training for the little would learn to love nature.
Linda Gartz said…
Wow! Lucky you -- budding spring all over and warm weather. Here in Chicagoland--40 degrees and rain. No planting baskets till the end of May. But shoots are emerging and planning (and starting seedlings) is underway. Thanks for following my blog! Nice to have you. Please drop by often. I'm posting every Tuesday with a great love letter coming in the next few weeks and lots of unfurling discoveries.