Dressing Up Through the Generations.

Unusual costumes has been a regular for my TexasBlu girl.  She loved dreaming up something different for me to make for her when she was little.
This is her at 8 with her dad and siblings at a County Maintenance Barn Halloween activity. The character is Mrs Bianca from the Rescuers.

About a month and a half ago, one of my grandsons, who has decided he will be a scientist, advised his mom that GrandmomE was going to make him a lab coat.  'Sure,' says I, 'that will be easy enough.' Well, the oldest then decided GrandmomE was going to make him a cowboy outfit.  Still easy enough.
The mom then decided how about making the twins a HeMan outfit. (That was a popular cartoon series in the 80's [when TexasBlu was little] and is still on old channels).  Can't deny that part of my insanity was, I have never made anything for the boys it has always been for the girls.  Must do this.
As I was working, a poem I cross stitched for TexasBlu when she was about 10ish  kept going through my head. She was kind enough to find it for me.
This is the poem:
When I'm a grown up woman
With hair up on my head,
I'll sit and sew till very late
And never go to bed.
Could be because, before I was finished, I did do an all night session in order to mail the HeMan costumes in order for them to arrive in time.
The grandson here with big eyes and solemn expression would admonish me to work on the costumes, because he needed a Batman costume.  Of course I could not turn that down and I finished his the day before Halloween. He was on cloud nine.  Me too.  
Here are the pictures of the finished products:
The cowboy and the scientist who started it all
The twin HeMan. One was a little big but as you can tell the sword was everything.  

I did not make my granddaughter's costume, she created her own. Awesome.
I love this.  I made the fairy costume, but did not get the poodle skirt done she had to borrow one.

Our Little Batman.  So Fearless. ; )

This was a time of remembrance for me, click here for my blog on the Hero about this, and a time of making memories with my grandchildren. The granddaughter is 16 and will remember this marathon and the fun her little brothers had.  It will be a Family Story.


Texasblu said…
Oh YOU had the photo of Miss Bianca! Do you have the fairy that looked like a butterfly with the big pillow wings and Jerry Mouse?
lindalee said…
You have put a smile on my face this morning. I, too, made a few costumes for my boys....although, truth be told, their paternal grandmother was the expert of all Halloween costumes. One of my contributions Batman. I have saved all those costumes....you have made cherished memories for your little ones.
Carol said…

Great memory building!!
jaylasbay said…
Loved this a lot...The memories the kids will have is wonderful...You are a fantastic person...
chitra said…
Loved the costumes and the little ones wearing those. My son was also crazy of- He man.
Wendy said…
Didn't have a clue how to make costumes when my children were little. My mom did some and my kids kind of invented their own. Or put sheets over their heads and went as ghosts. These days the costumes are so original!
Lovely memories you have there. Oh, that poodle skirt!