Shouts of Joy! I Feel like the Calf Roper!

I have been multi tasking lately.  In addition to my volunteer work, and taking care of business, I have been trying hard to fulfill my grandsons confidence in me. 
Cowboy on the left and Scientist on the right
My daughter had related to me earlier this summer that one of the boys had decided he was going to be a scientist, the older of the two (they are 6 months apart) said "well, what am I going to be?"
Said the other, "You can be what ever you want to be." 
I some how feel without knowing it he was quite profound.  "We can be what ever we want to be."
At the end of August, it was announced by our scientist that GrandmomE was going to make his lab coat.  That was good.  I knew 2 months before Halloween, which is what we are striving for.  The older then decided I could make him a cowboy outfit. 
I am so excited that I have finished both and am getting ready to do He Man outfits for the younger twins...a rush job it will be, and wings for my fair princess CopperTop, and a poodle skirt for the dreamer.
My equipment is elderly but useful. The sewing machine has seen better years, but there are many memories written on its soul.

Here are the boys' outfits.
[Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge them and click the back arrow to return.]

Yes, of course I branded them.  ; )

We are now boxed and ready to go tomorrow!  Whoo Hoo.... Boys are your excited?


Sherilin Riley said…
what a nice grandma you are to make those beautiful costumes for your kiddos! they're lucky to have you. =)
bettyl said…
That's such a wonderful thing to do for them and I know they will remember it fondly for a very long time!
Cindy said…
Wow, you are a great grandma. Great as in wonderful!! LOL
chitra said…
Very good work Frances, I know how much joy you would have got by making those outfits. Now when they wear them, please post those photos here.
Carol said…
Valerie said…
How blessed those grandbabies are to have a grandma who loves them so!