Halloween Celebration At Mom's Assisted Living

When Mom told me she had decorated her own Halloween T-Shirt, I knew I was going to have to go and see.  I was not expecting the totally fun evening we all had. 
They had a wonderful trio that sang and played bouncy music.  My sister- in-law figured out how to bounce and grove to the music. 

She also won the Family Division Costume contest.  She shows you can be sexy at seventy.  Whoo Hoo.  She's got legs. 

 My brother in law wore a mask from the movie Avatar.  It was a bit spooky you could see his eyes, but the mask so hid him.  I like him better without the mask don't you? 

The Facility workers had all dressed up like the old rock n roll group "Village People" and did a rendition of YMCA, which my sister-in-law jumped right in and sang and made the motions.  It was really fun.

Here is the reason I went.  Isn't she gorgeous.  92 years young.
Happy Halloween 2010 to you all.


Kristy said…
What a great celebration! Here from BPOTW!
It's great that everyone pitched in for a wonderful party.
chitra said…
Frances, Beautiful post. Nice to see happy moments.