Report on the Progress of my Holy Basils

I went out to the garden to water this morning.  We have been having 101 plus temps, no moisture.  Wasn't sure what I would find.  It is looking rather pathetic, but the cucumbers and the tomatoes seem to be rallying for a come back.  The herbs are looking beautiful.  I took pictures of all the basils.
I have had good luck with the red stemmed or Rama Tulsi, or Holy Basil.  The Vana Tulsi has struggled but it appears one plant is going to make it. 
Chitra if you have and suggestions for helping the Vana grow, I will appreciate it.



 I forgot to tell you how different the leaves of the Tulsi taste and their fragrance is so wonderful.  I see why the Hindi people revere  it. 

It would be wonderful having it just outside your door.

There is one area that I have Cinnamon Basil, Sweet Basil, and Rama Tulsi.  They all seem happy together. 

I tried catching the bees that were busy pollinating, but they were too fast for me. 

Planning on saving some seeds. 
This has been a good year.


bettyl said…
Seems like your basil is coming along quite well. I've never tried to grow it, but might give it a try!

I am so glad that you like my flower shots as much as I do! I love Hollard Garden. We go there several times a month.
chitra said…
Vana Tulsi usually grows easily as it doesn't need any care.Vana is the wild variety. I am surprised to hear your problem.Here I am also facing a problem with my Basil. Somre fungus or ants keep troubling my plants and again I have planted new ones.

Try keeping vana tulsi in a separate pot for few days and see how it thrives.
hummer said…
Chitra, maybe I have them mixed up. Is Vana the red stemmed and Rama the green? They are distinctive in their leaf coloring. Have moved the slow growing one to a pot, maybe it has too much competition with the tomato. Thanks for your comment.
Bettyl, I love your view through your lens, makes me wish I could go to New Zealand.
Arti said…
There are two types of tulsi - Rama(green) and Shyam(black)... Try watering a plant at the same time everyday, Two times a day if it is too hot... Also make sure that the soil is not very this could cause uneven water absorption and poor ventilation...
Hope this helps in some way.
By the way the pics are amazing especially the first one... Have a nice day.
hummer said…
Thanks, Artie I don't think I had heard Shyam. Hmm. Will follow your suggestions. I need to start harvesting before it goes wild.
chitra said…
I Go with Arti
Rama is green stem and green leaves.
Krishna or purpled stemmed one which is used for medicianal purposes.
Vana is has longer leaves than the above 2 and leaf is slightly thicker also.