Peace /Anguish

Tonight, I received a message from a niece that I have not seen in a year.  No one could tell me where she was or how she was doing.  I have worried over her and said prayers for her because she was my Hero's god child.  He took that seriously and would seek her out when he was alive.  I remember driving to her apartment when she was much younger and checking how she was faring after a bout of Crohn's Disease.  We love her very much and it has been distressing to not know where she has been.
When answering her message, I added a link to my blogs so she could read the stories of her uncle.  The words peace and anguish came up as identifying words to publish my links.  My eyes filled with tears, as that was what I was feeling.  Peace that I heard from her.  Anguish that I can't give her a hug.  How did it know. If I had a wish then it would be a hug to her from me.


Lori E said…
I too know what it feels like to be without a family member. I don't know if my brother is dead or alive. So sad.
I am glad you have some contact. It doesn't have to be more than a simple bit of contact.
chitra said…
Nice to hear that you could get some message from your niece. Hope you meet soon.
Wendy said…
I am glad you've finally heard from her. Not knowing is the hardest thing.

My niece has Crohn's too. She is on medication (infusions) that works for her. Everything else failed. Illness sucks!
Anonymous said…
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