As The Little Ones drawn out tones...I'm Sick.

Sometimes you just feel like you need a hug.  
I was trying to be good and rest to recoup from bronchitis.  The alternating fever and sweats were driving me to distraction.  I was sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself that my hero wasn't here to hug me, when I received a call from my daughter who said 'I am coming over to finish your tomato and cucumber canning for you'.  My other daughter (not official, she is just as dear to me) called and said 'I am coming to help'.  I admit it, I teared up.  I had been feeling so bad that everything was rotting. 
They arrived.  I was able to sit and rock the grandchildren, and visit with them. 
The girls finished the canning, washed my dishes and took out the trash.  It was like having angels come down and caring for me.
I admit it, it was a beautiful hug to receive from two service minded young women.  I am thankful for each.  May you be as blessed as I was if you get sick.


bettyl said…
Isn't it nice that good things come back to you when you need them the most! Sorry you've been down. Will keep you in my prayers that you have a speedy recovery.
chitra said…
I know it really feels nice to have some one by your side when you are unwell. May be a hug, a little help or some soothing words which goes a long way in making one comfortable.
Eva Gallant said…
How wonderful that you have these caring young women in your life. Hope you feel better soon...take care. My bronchitis become pneumonia...take real good care of yourself!
You got help AND you got to hold babies...that sounds very healing! I hope you're feeling better soon.