What Do You Do On a Really Cold Night?

This is a fun post for me. It all started out with my teasing my daughter that she needed new glasses when she was playing a video game with her boys. She couldn't figure out what I was saying at first, then she gave me the slow grin that she has and said " oh, I am just being intense". That was the beginning of our teasing her. Of course she is on bed rest to keep from having her baby 2 months early, so she does have an excuse for not being involved. LOL.

The Story

What do you do when you are facing bone chilling COLD weather?

If you are on bed rest, as my daughter is, you might face fighting an addiction to playing video games. my little grandson is good at bringing the daughter back to reality.

We all have been having a good time and teasing her for her intensiveness at trying to win.
The boys have told her she can lose.
I reminded them she dates doing games back to before they were born. Her father would play Tetras, Frogger, Pac Man, and Joust with her and her siblings.

The boys don't have a chance.

On the other hand, as the clock begins to strike 10, and the older boys are not prone to seeking bed, you might pull out a good book and read to them in front of a warm fire. The wonderful thing is the boys really look forward to reading a chapter a night if it is possible.
Do you have such a tradition?

Our reading time was as we drove down the road, someone would read, but I digress...

This is the first really cold front that has stayed longer than a day or two in fourteen years on the Texas Coastal area. I still remember the last time it was this cold. I had just started growing my windmill palms. I spent the afternoon in already freezing temperatures watering my half acre of palms to keep the baby roots insulated. It was 3 hours after I went into the house, and a long warm bath, before my temperature came back up to normal. As you can tell, it made an impression on me, but it was worth it. I only lost two palms to the 15 degree temperatures.

I am glad that this time my choices are reading a book, writing on the computer, and cooking for my grandchildren. It will be interesting to see what the rest of this 'winter' brings. ; )
The first picture of the fountain was taken by my friend in Madisonville at her school.


I'm going to have to work on keeping my mouth closed while I'm playing, lol. I didn't realized that i did that. How embarassing :)
Wendy said…
So glad your palms survived! I hate cold and I so understand your concerns.
Daughter certainly has lots to keep her occupied while waiting....

I used to read to my children before bedtime too. As my mother did to us.
I really love your blog background! Did you design it yourself?
hummer said…
I didn't make the background but I found the background and elements on Scrapit Designs and MistyBelle (her elements are so great). I asked my daughter to teach me how to put it all together and so it really became a collaborative effort. She wanted me to change it with the seasons, but I said it reflects my personality and my feelings so I would not change it.
Sometimes we just have our preferences. LOL