Sharing Memories Week 7 Winter Meals

I will be joining my friend Lorraine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog in writing 52 weeks of Sharing Memories--a Genealogy Journal. I know my grandchildren will enjoy the journey.
This week's subject is memories of winter meals.
My mother was a teacher so she usually got home after I did. I have the memory of when my grandmother would come to visit, I would come in to a warm great smelling kitchen. She would bake and cook wonderful tasting meals. I am not sure about specific meals, but I do know that I have winter comfort foods. Potato Soup was a favorite of my father, and corn bread and beans is still on my list of favorites. I have a special corn bread I make that tastes so good it has been passed down to all my children including my sons, so they could include it in their cookbooks per their request.
My all time favorite winter comfort food comes from my best friend in High School. After school we would go over to her house, and her mom would be in the midst of baking cookies for us to eat. We would sit around in the kitchen watching her make the cookies and snack until at least one pan of cookies was gone. It set a pattern for me. I liked to have a good smell of baking food in the air when my family came home from school or after being outside in the cold. There was a special recipe that my friend' s mom had. When I went away to school, I begged for it and she gave it to me. It is a traditional cookie at my house now. When my children would come home from school in the winter or over the holidays we always made these cookies. They are now called "Mom's Sugar Cookies", but to me they will always be "Evelyn's Sugar Cookies" The thought just makes my senses go wild. I love the fragrance and the taste is divine. I will have mercy on you and share the recipe...I hope you enjoy.

Mom's Sugar Cookies
Oven 325 degrees 10 min or until crispy golden
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Brown sugar
1 Cup Butter
2 Eggs
2 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Soda
1Tbls Baking powder
2 Cups Rolled Oats
1 Cup Coconut
Opt 1 Cup pecan pieces

Mix first 3 ingredients together, Add beaten eggs, Mix in each of the other ingredients on at a time. Drop tablespoon size batter onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake.

Sorry no picture now. Maybe tomorrow, I will make some for my grandsons for when they get home from school. Something I know now that I didn't when I was young is another reason you bake in the winter is to help warm the house.

The picture is of my friend and I after we had children of our own and came back home to visit.


Lori E said…
I was one of the few stay at home moms in our area.
I always had "extra" kids in my house after school. It wasn't just the baking which I didn't always do but the fact that there was a glass of milk and some cheese and crackers...and a person to listen to your day.
Just being there for them is enough but the smell of those cookies is the icing on the...well...cookie.