Sharing Memories Week 10 First Day of School and Year

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My First Day at School was scary for me because that year was a great time of change in my life.  My dad had to enroll me because my mother was living at the college she was attending 60 miles away.  She was not able to drive back and forth daily.  We only saw her weekends.

I was shy, and this was a huge step into the world.  We lived in the country and my only friends were my cousins who were older or younger than I was.  The room seemed large and spacious with wooden desks.  There were windows, that later I remember I would look out of and day dream. There was a playground with swings, slides, a tether ball pole, see saws, and there were steps on the side that we would play on. I don't remember classmates names.  I do remember my teacher was Mrs. Stafford.  She was a lovely older lady and I still have my picture of her which I would post if I were at home.  My dad knew her husband well and took me over to meet her before I started school.    She understood shy children, and quickly put me at ease. 


Since it was a small town, there was a bit of 'class' division.  In other wards, there were those who considered themselves, wealthy and those they considered less because they were poorer.  Because my father had lost his leg and was working washing dishes to put my mom through college, we fell into the poorer class.  Funny, I didn't really have a sense of class.  They were all just friends to me.  There was one incident in which there was some drama.  At the end of the year, I was chosen May Queen for my class ( we had a May pole party every year).  My dad was so excited, he went out to find a dress for me.  In the mean time the wealthy store owner was miffed that her daughter wasn't chosen and she had already purchased a dress for her.  She insisted I shouldn't be allowed to represent the class because my parents wouldn't be able to purchase an appropriate dress.  The principal gave in and my dad was upset, but I still didn't get to be the May Queen for my class.  Oh well, I knew I was his princess.

Two other things that happened that year.  One was, my cousin would pick me up on the way her way from high school since my dad worked.  She had and activity and I started playing with my friends, some egg and color game that I vaguely remember now.  Long story short, she didn't see me and went on home.  I sat on the steps and waited wondering why no one had come.  As it was getting dark, my friendly big giant uncle (he seemed that to me) drove up and came over gave me his big hand and smiled.  Apologized that his daughter had forgot and took me home.

                                             My gentle giant Uncle Ed and little Fairy Aunt Dora

The second memorable event involved the girl that her mother later took my "Queenship away".  Once again it was after school and three of us girls were playing on the swings waiting to be picked up.  This girl had long auburn hair and a pretty white rabbit fur coat.  She was the envy of all the girls. 

We were taking turns playing on the teeter totter.  Suddenly, she slipped off the seat and fell hitting her head on the concrete at the base of the swings which was next to the teeter totter. The back of her head had a huge gash in it.  She, of course, was crying.  I stayed with her while the other girl ran for help.  I will always remember the red blood running down the white coat and her hair all matted in her face.  I don't remember her name though.  A teacher, not ours, came running out and took her inside.  I was scared, but she was back at school bandaged up the next day.

The year had more memories than I thought when I first started.  It wasn't a bad year, my biggest problem was math.  I got a B.  Math just was not my subject.  I did learn to love reading in this class.  Mrs Stafford was a great story time reader, and it was always nice to get close to her when we were in story time circle.
 Have you written about your first day of school and year?  What kind of memory did you bring to mind.


Mildred said…
What a beautiful little girl you were. The "Queen" incident is sad to me - some folks just amaze me - what a tough break for you and your parents from someone so careless with your feelings. I was a very bashful child too and spent most of my time in the teacher's lap!!!
chitra said…
That was quite meanness , not allowing you to be the May queen. Such incidents are really disappointing.
I loved your journal entry of your first day and year of school! What fabulous pictures you have too. Isn't it fun? Thanks for joining us and keep writing :-)

Anonymous said…
Wow, I'm so glad you're doing this. I'm realizing how very little I know of your life. And here I thought I knew so much.

I don't remember my first day. I only I think one memory of my first year... the teacher had poofy brown hair (maybe auburn). She was getting married so her name would change and I can't remember either. But I do have a fuzy recolection of her having to undo my overalls cause I had to go potty.
What a simple life I lead. :)
No drama till first grade.
Wendy said…
What a great idea - writing down your stories for your grandkids. I wrote my childrens' stories out a while ago. Started with their birth and then some early childhood memories, trips, etc. But will seriously think about writing about my own life.

You were a sweet little girl. So sad about the Queen incident.
Deb said…
thank you for coming by to visit...hope you come back again...
This is a nice idea. I don't remember my first day of school, but I remember a few things from that year. One was art/coloring...I had always thought I was good (after all, I colored inside the lines). But my friend Patricia could make up scenes, such as a dancer on a stage with curtains and a spotlight. I was in awe, and I STILL remember that when I sit down to draw something!
bettyl said…
I, too, don't remember my first day of school, but I do remember every teacher's name of every school year!