Sharing Memories: Birthday Parties week 9

When I first thought about this challenge of writing about a memorable birthday party of when I was young, I drew a blank. I could not remember a single birthday party. Not one. I mulled the challenge over, reflecting on the fact that I could remember my children's parties. My second daughter and I reminisced over her two most memorable birthdays.

Then the other afternoon while driving, a picture came to my mind. I am not home, so I don't have it to post, but it was of me and the boy I had a crush on for several years at my Sweet Sixteen birthday party. We were sitting under a tree with our heads together, looking at the charm he had given me for my present. My mother must have caught the shot when we weren't aware. It was late in the evening so the lights were soft and the mood of the picture was innocent. He and my best friend came to help me celebrate a special time in my life.

That night, I received my first kiss. (Yes, my grandchildren, your grandma was sixteen and had never been kissed.)Your first kiss is always memorable, especially when it is from someone you have "dreamed of giving you a kiss". It was soft and sweet, enough said.

The cake was simple, white icing with pink writing on it saying 'Sweet Sixteen'. The party favors were just matching plates and napkins.

The picture above was taken of me getting the table ready for the "party". I have to say, I was never a big socialite, I have always preferred small groups where I felt comfortable. When I was of elementary age and younger, it was mostly my mom and dad or a couple of my cousins over to have cake sometimes with homemade ice cream.

Besides receiving my first kiss, it was probably memorable because it was one of the few times I had a "party". The evening was special because I felt special. My two best friends and fun of sharing jokes, and music we liked. I stayed friends with both of them until the young man, no longer a young man, died a few years ago.

Yes, I remember now........the memory is like a hug across the years.


Mildred said…
That is a sweet memory and I love the photograph. Home made ice cream was such a treat when I was young.
Oh Hummer Sweetie...
You have made my eyes all misty this morning. How absolutely beautiful you write of this fond memory, and of that beautiful friendship that lasted a life time. Our first kiss, they were beautiful compared to the kids today.

I love the picture you wove into this story. It is as clear as a bell. Thank you for sharing.

Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry
Naturegirl said…
I cannot remember a birthday party given for me during my childhood either but I do remember my first kiss. I do remember that one..sigh.
Get your photos shop out and play!
Nice to meet you.. naturegirl x
chitra said…
Nice to know how a sweet girl feels when she gets her first kiss. Written well.
bettyl said…
I will never forget my first 'real' kiss....funny how I've forgotten oodles of other stuff along the way!
Birthdays were never a big deal when I was growing up, either. But my best friend and I turned 16 a week apart, and our mothers threw us a surprise party, at night, with girls and even a few boys. That's exactly as much as I remember! I didn't get my first kiss until I was 17. I remember that because when I was bummed about turning 17, my best friend guessed the reason. "Sweet 16 and never been kissed," felt like a deadline, and turning 17 meant failure. Life is so hard at that age!
hummer said…
Thank you all for your comments. I guess maybe it was because it was my first kiss that I remembered. I enjoyed what you had to say.
Anonymous said…
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