Butter Before Jelly or Just Jelly

This is my fun post for the month. An a wee bit of family history included.
Grandchildren, your grandfather LOVED peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He used to "bug" me, because I would make a 'gourmet' meal and what would he do?...He would have to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich afterwards or the meal was not complete. I would say "I am so insulted, I worked so hard on this meal and you don't think it tastes good without a peanut butter sandwich."  Then I would pout and he would give me a smile, a kiss and finish his sandwich.  I so wish I had a picture of him with a PBJ. He had a special technique for making his PBJ sandwich.

The first step was to put butter (real butter) on the bread.

The second step was to add the peanut butter.

The third step was to add jelly.

The final step (I had to enlist the grandson for this )was to eat it all up.
The grandson decided that butter definitely added a great "eatable" flavor.
I asked on my Facebook page which would be preferred butter before the jelly or no butter at all.  My cousin answered my question with an affirmative.  She preferred, as my husband did, real butter then jelly.  She remembered something I had forgotten.  We used to eat sandwiches with butter and sugar.  Mmmm good. 

Which would you prefer? With or without butter?


Mildred said…
This is a fun post and your grandson is adorable. I have never known anyone to eat butter on their PBJ. My hubby (who is from MI) eats peanut butter and potato chips on bread in a sandwich! I'm not familiar with the butter & sugar combo either. Growing up we ate mayo and black pepper sandwiches though!
I have never had it with butter, but I am willing to try anything!

chitra said…
That is a nice photo of your grandson.

I don't prefer jelly sandwiches. If at all I have to take I like it with butter and my husband loves the butter sugar combo.
mE said…
Don't forget the butter on the outside too. Then you grill it. I was a devout student of Daddy's
l337 PBJ skills :D
skinny minny said…
grilled pbj sounds yummy! used to put fritos and nanas on ours too! ahh..the wonders of pbj!